Hive Open Mic week 153 A Thousand years (Cover)

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Hello to you all. I hope that you have some nice things lined up for your weekend.

A Thousand Years was originally written by and made famous by Christina Perri. It is one of the many songs I have taught to my choir.

It can be very tricky teaching a song loaded with such deep emotions to a large group of people. Inevitably, some did end up crying when they first heard the three part song arrangement I had written and published for them. For me it is about love that goes on forever, so I see it as a happy and positive song.

However, this song is very popular both at weddings and funerals as it seems to mean different things to different people, depending of course on their individual circumstances. I always think that is a sign of a good song when people can hear it and feel it fits their own life because the writer has tapped in to something which is common to everyone. In this case the song is about both love and loss.

If we are lucky, we spend much of our lives with those we love. If we are unlucky, they may live or work miles away and we miss them terribly. However, there is always the feeling of togetherness and love, despite any distance.

This is also true for many who have lost someone they love. The love doesn't stop when someone dies and so many people report that they still feel their loved ones with them. I have a close friend who lost his soulmate. He believes she is still with him and that she sends signs to him when he asks her. I hope he is right.


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You sing so effortlessly ma'am. You sang with different registers in a smooth and clean way and you did it effortlessly.

I love how you sing and play the piano...

Thank you so much for listening and for your encouraging comments.

Wow it's very beautiful your playing and your voice. The song is very powerful,I almost was crying when I read the last line you wrote about your friend who lose his soulmate.Such a wonderful presentation you give us this week.

Thank you so much for listening and for your kind comments. Yes my friend is convinced his soulmate is with him wherever he goes and she is guiding him along the right path.

Just beautiful. I'm happy I have heard you sing so many times.


Thank you so much Steve x

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This is amazing @purplesinger... I love this song..

Thank you so much for your encouragement.

You are always amazing on the keys dear friend.
I wish to be able to play the piano like you someday. You have a great voice too.
I love this entry dear friend. You rock!!!

Thank you so much for your kind comments. The piano is quite tricky for this one as there are some cross rhythms and the feeling of the beat changes here and there. I made the accompaniment up myself but I still made a mistake.

For me it's a great work you presented

Wonderful performance. Congratulations

Thank you for listening and your kind comment.

This is one of my forever favorite songs and I must say you sang it beautifully.

Awesome presentation 🥰🥰🥰.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Indeed this song is a masterpiece like you mentioned above. I might have cried if I was in your choir at that moment 🤧😂. I love this song for a thousand years and more.

And your voice is soo beautiful ma'am, hitting those notes so precisely. That's the beauty of this song, you can feel those notes in your soul. And I envy your keyboard skill, you play so good!

I immensely enjoyed your entry 😍❤

Thank you so much for listening and commenting so kindly. It's a lovely song to sing.

What a beauty! this song is very catchy and when we saw that you had brought it we were thrilled, what a sweetness is your voice, it is fresh, we enjoyed it from beginning to end. Fabulous dear, we hope to reach your level some day. Hugs! don't stop!😍

Thank you so much for listening and for your very kind comments. It's one of my favourite songs.



I love the fact that you scored the instrumental aspect of it so well. You sing so calmly and beautifully...

This is amazing my friend @purplesinger . Its being a while I saw your contents is good to have you around .
A job well done boss

thank you so much for listening and commenting on my post.

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