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      • Realizations of my profession come at dawn to me. The facets of life that have not given such attention, that were now freely visible to me.

As a nurse, working in a hospital for the first time. I know in myself that there were a lot of things that I cannot control. Such as, caring for well babies after delivery.

Though, I am working on the medical floors where all kinds of disease were found, my heart sank the moment I entered the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit the other day, seeing the fragile babies being intubated, with a lot of contraptions connected to their bodies.

I smiled with the thought when I saw my patient approached her son, rising slowly from the wheelchair I pushed from the other side of the hospital. I am amazed how neonates recognize their parents even though being stuck in a machine where they are closely observed by NICU nurses.

My heart cannot fathom how hard would it be for the parents to see their child in such situation. In a lighter side, I felt very proud for the little fighter whose extending his little hands as if asking to be carried and touched after hearing his parents voice.

A little voice in my head soothe my feelings. The mother may still be weak from the procedure, but trying her best to appear strong. Through the whole moment of observing from where I stand, I saw how little teardrops pooled her eyes and her husband when the doctor finally removed the tube that aids the baby to breathe.

A smile. Little things that makes the scenario even worthwhile to see. Some gestures that makes my heartbeat for reasons I've been given the chance to share at least a little time to this brave family in another journey that they are in.

For the time that I spent there, just standing not able to do anything. Watching the doctors, and NICU nurses render hands on care to the neonates made me realized more that this is the life I wanted to pursue, and take care off. This is now the end-goal that I wanted to treasure for the rest of my life. This will be the profession, and the license I will be watchful and cautiously hold forever.

That night, after the fruitful encounter inside the NICU, I wheeled back the mother inside her room where her relatives awaits. I met their first born, a cute little child. She was too sweet and not wanting to leave her mother behind. She clings and vowed to take care of her mother as her father still at the NICU, watching for the baby brother. She verbalized being excited to hold her baby brother.

Such wonderful experience I had yesterday's night. It made me more in love with my job. Our job may feel exhausting by the very thought of caring number of people in a given day, but at the end of day, I felt the happiest being able to render care even for a short while.

Nursing as a job brought me back to the days I crawled my way to struggle in order to get this dream that I have. Now that I am able to see and live my everyday with this-looking forward to the number of relieved faces after a job well done, the gratitude that I hear after a procedure, and finally their big smiles and waves when they are about to leave the hospital.

There is more to come and I wished that God will always give me a stronger body everyday and a clear mind.

Life will not be as smooth-sailing as it would be, but I guess it is for us to see the goodness it brought during the days it is too gloomy to for us to appreciate the beauty of reality.

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