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Hello again music lovers, and welcome back to another weekly curation and development update from us at BlockTunes! We are excited to have a big update for you as we have had some cool developments, another worldwide release, and the community is showing up with some great musical content for us to reward and share! Let's get right into it! First up, the latest release from the BlockTunes Release Service.

Latest BlockTunes Release

This week brings another @groove-logic release to the BlockTunes library and our worldwide distribution partners! His goal for 2023 has already begun, and that is to release 1 song a week, every week in 2023! This week is a song that he has been working on off and on for several years, and is finally getting it polished up for release!

The melodic dubstep track, Sweet Dream is available to stream now on the main BlockTunes site, as well as Groove Logic TV on YouTube. Spotify, Apple Music and other sites to come this week! So make sure you are following Groove Logic on your favorite mainstream streaming site!

This song also has available NFTs that give the owner limited reproduction rights/royalty free rights on our $MUSIC NFT Marketplace, and a Special Access NFT on our Polygon-based NFT Marketplace! This NFT includes access to the not only the audio download, but the Hi-res version of the video download, and the broken down audio stem files for remixing in any DAW!

Curated Posts

The following posts were music posts that really stood out above the crowd and we wanted to share them with you! We are coming up with some 'curation standards' that we will use in the future for our reblogging and sharing, so if your posts fall into those standards, you may get a bigger upvote and reblog from our account!

Resonate - Original WAVY TRAP Instrumental @laritheghost

This post from @laritheghost is a slick-sounding trap beat that looks to come in a beat pack that you can purchase, and purchase the rights to use in your productions! We are huge fans of electronic music and like to see producers sharing their tunes on Hive and BlockTunes!

Screen Shot 20221222 at 11.07.11 AM.png

See post on BlockTunes

Stick Up Music Song Of The Week - Letters by Phil Saatchi & Stick Up Boys

The @stickupboys and @stickupofficial1 are back with another awesome release! For this song, they partnered up with Phil Saatchi to come up with this great vocal track that you have to hear!

Screen Shot 20221222 at 11.11.11 AM.png
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Made A DnB Track About DnB 😂

We love when artists share their work while it is in progress. That brings a great opportunity to have a community of music lovers critique your work and give you some feedback. If you haven't heard of @nickyhavey, you should give him a follow! We are huge fans of drum and bass, and his sound is that perfect blend of melodic goodness that makes you just feel good!

Check out his latest work in progress, Smile on BlockTunes!

Screen Shot 20221222 at 11.30.28 AM.png
See post on BlockTunes

Live Abstract 21 by Jolly Joker [TECHNO DJ MIX]

Keeping on with the electronic theme that we have going this week, we have @nupulse bringing us a techno dj mix that has a lot of energy! Actually used it in the personal workout one day this week! If you love some good old school style techno, then check out @nupulse's latest mix shared on BlockTunes on Hive!

Screen Shot 20221222 at 11.21.55 AM.png
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Hive Openmic Week #141| Let it go by Idina Menzel| Cover by Mary Bello

Last but certainly not least is @marybello bringing us some holiday cheer with her cover of 'Let It Go' from the movie Frozen. It's a bit of a change-up from the electronic music, but with Christmas coming this weekend, why not? Her voice in this cover is so close to the original that we had to watch it a few times to make sure it wasn't lip-syncing. She has an amazing voice, and we wanted to share some winter and holiday cheer!

Screen Shot 20221222 at 11.28.54 AM.png
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Development Update

This week's big development update comes in the form of direct payment and download buttons on songs released using the BlockTunes release service. This is done using the @hivepay-io platform from @jongolson and @blainjones of the CTP group! This will allow fans to purchase the download and the payment of Hive, HBD, or MUSIC tokens will directly be split 95% to the artist and 5% to the @blocktunesdao. It's suggested to save the download link for future use, as well as we will send a link to the file via encrypted memo in a Hive transaction so you will have it forever!

Screen Shot 20221222 at 11.33.31 AM.png
See post on BlockTunes

Next up, we are looking to build up our blog and radio content! Submission forms for both our upcoming music blog and BlockTunes radio are what is going to be on the agenda next week! Stay tuned for more updates!

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Good music!

Some good tunes hitting this week for sure! We need more and more musicians on Hive!

Wow, I am swept off my feet by this, so humbling to me. Thank you so so so much @blocktunes for these amazing words. I am glad that my choice of song will bring some cheer to some people this season.

Thanks for sharing the tunes with us!

Thanks for featuring in your blog post! Merry Christmas!


Hey, @blocktunes, I just read on the Hive Engine description of the MUSIC token that:

"MUSIC can be used to stake and earn SWAP.HBD rewards from the @BlockTunesDAO"

How does this work exactly?

  • Should I just stake on Hive-Engine?
  • Is there a minimum amount that triggers the drips?
  • How do the drips come, on a daily, or a weekly basis?

Also, a separate question, if I decided to delegate some HP, which of the two accounts is better to delegate to?

Thanks in advance, have some !PIZZA and a great day!

More details on the payouts are coming as the payouts start in February.

Delegating to either account is fine. We do want to get more delegation on the DAO account as that is the main one for payouts. They are following each other on the curation trails, so when this account votes, so does that DAO account.

Thanks for the prompt response.
I just delegated a small amount of HP to the -dao account and I may increase that once I see the drips in February :)

Looking forward for those details.

Happy holidays and !PIZZA :)

Glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much!💙



Keep bringing the sounds!

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Nice one bro!

Posted using BlockTunes

Time to get this thing started!

Posted using BlockTunes


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Nice updates and great curations!! !PIZZA

Posted using BlockTunes