Sun, Sand, Surf, and Scratching

last year
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What's happening everyone! I am back with another Nomadic DJ scratch session!

I have been traveling around a bit and found myself on the Pacific coast and just had to bring you guys a session!

So I walked out to the jetties and found a rock to park it on and set up the portable 7 inch Numart PT01 Scratch turntable. I have an iPod attached to it that I am using to run the beats on. I am using the Novation Launchpad application rocking the Summer Sands sound pack. This one felt right for the atmosphere!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Keep calm and groove on!


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Nomadic DJ scratch session on the Pacific coast, with these views and music vibes?

I'm in :)

Thanks for watching! It was fun to make this!

Yes, I see you had fun 😊
And otherwise, it wouldn't turn out this cool :))

Hey hey some awesome mixing bro sounds awesome hey you're on discord btw

On discord as thelogicaldude.

And thanks for the feedback!

No problem here's a link to my server thought it would be quicker like you to check us out as well

Awesome I will come join up! Maybe we can work together on a beatzchain and @blocktunes partnership or something.

Thanks man looking forward to working with you going to be cool 😎

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