Breaking The Natural Silence With Some Scratching

last year
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What's happening everyone! I am chilling out in some nature trying to save gas money and getting some musical inspiration.

Using the 80's Hip Hop sound pack from the last video but not the recording. Figured I would do it live and see how it goes!

Here is the video from the sound pack discovery:

The vinyl used is the 7 inch Improvise Wisely scratch vinyl.

Using Novation Launchpad application on iPad that is plugged into my Numark PT01 Scratch turntable with a custom Jesse Dean fader.


Keep calm and groove on!


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LMAO! no doubt, damn gas prices! Gotta love the funk, just started watching the video :D
Oh shiat, you do the whole mix a ma jig,
i got the lyrics in my head lol
whaaat, whaaat wha wha wha whaat,
beautiful day i say waaahhh,
not a cloud in the air waah,
i look up and see hive up there whhaa whaww wha wha


Thanks for watching! These are always fun to make.

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