Dub Thrash Soundpack Set on Novation Launchpad for iOS

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What's going on everyone! This video is a mix made using the Dub Thrash soundpack on the Novation Launchpad application on iOS, iPad specifically on this video and on most of the videos really.

I am recording this as the backing track for my next Nomadic DJ scratch session!

If you have an iPad, you should check out the app. You can purchase soundpacks or pay the monthly 7.99 subscription. That's what I do so I can keep getting fresh new soundpacks to jam for you guys without risking copyright issues using other people's songs or having to spend a crap ton of time time making my own beats for stuff like this.

Anyway, this is a 3Speak.tv and Hive exclusive video so enjoy!

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...!discovery 30...

@polarmystro, @music-beatcz
Let's pump it to #BeatzChain Trends, shall we? :)

Ohh yeah no where but up from here, kind of want to talk to this guy a bit

I promoted it on BeatzChain already, it's up there.


Totally should hit up my friend @churchoftheway he is a musician...

This is dope! I like it... i could spin some lightsabers to this! Might have to try it, with some !PIZZA

Why not hang out with this cool friend of mine and hook him up with some beats... Yo....lol

Original content and collaborations with musicians...

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