Sweet Dream Dubstep Tuned to 432 Hz- Proof of Production

3 months ago
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What's happening music lovers! I have a new Proof of Production video for you. My next release will be a dubstep single called 'Sweet Dream' that is tuned to 432Hz to subliminally heal your DNA while you are jamming to some bass.

This track is created in Logic Pro X on Mac which is my DAW of choice, actually I am an Apple certified trainer and engineer on this particular piece of software.

This track will be released in the next week using the @blocktunes Release Service and will be distributed world wide as well as will have NFTs on Hive and a special access NFT on Polygon.

Every song I create is not only a piece of art, but also an asset, not just for me, but for those who purchase my NFTs will also have benefits like limited reproduction rights that allow the owners to use this piece for their own content like YouTube videos, games, ads, etc. The Polygon NFT will also give access to the video and song download along with the remix pack with the stems files that can be used in any DAW.

Until the next song...

Keep calm and groove on!



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WOWWWWW that was just sensational!

As it was playing, I could see 'fairies and nymphs' dancing about the forest!

You need me to make you a vid to go with that?

I have the gear and the skills...

Thank you for the awesome feedback! That gives me the warm and fuzzies.

I actually have already produced a little video just using renderforest for my NFTs and such, but I appreciate the offer!

Here is a link to my little renderforest version. I am sure you could probably do better... I considered getting back into Motion and Final Cut, but with as many songs as I am about to be pushing out, renderforest just seems more efficient, lol.


Very cool stuff.
It's awesome to see someone who's an engineer of the DAW publishing their own music.
Also it's been a while since I heard someone mention 432Hz. I know of a certain pianist who found out about it, and soon after had his grand tuned to 432Hz.

If I might ask, is there an easy way to tune things to 432Hz? I also make a little music, both digital and analogue. I have some guitars, a bass, and a monosynth, and also make music in LMMS as my primary DAW.
I'd very much like to try out the 432Hz.

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