Oceanside Funk - Nomadic DJ Portable Scratch Session

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Nomadic DJ adventure with me, Groove Logic!

Today we are rolling back out to the Pacific Coast out in Florence, Oregon and going to find a great spot to go jam!

Today I did something a bit different. I recorded the backing beat track using Novation Launchpad on my iPod and then used the recording to scratch on. You are listening to the set the whole time, just cuts in and out of some cool B roll!

Trying to get a little creative with the videos so I hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think and can't wait to keep making some awesome traveling music videos for my family here on the Hive blockchain!

If you are a musician, come check out what we are building on Blocktunes.net!

Keep calm and groove on!



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This is Super nice. Love the Skratches.

Thanks! Glad it’s playing for you! 3speak was having issues before.

We also added you to our voting fanbase. Starting the #hive-127039 curation project this month. Let us know if you have any artist you'd recommend.

Awesome! I will let you know. If you haven’t met Black Eye Butterfly yet, he’s a good time. You can find him on Hive as @ivanc

Nevermind... just noticed you are centered around Hiphop, lol. @ivanc is definitely not hip hop, lol.

Back djing by the sea I see

Couldn't help myself, lol.

Lov IT!!!!
Thanks much


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