RisingStar Fan Growth Update - Another 6,295 Fans added for only 428,000 StarBits

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Rising Star Profile

Other week for me and my band out on tour grinding away shows to earn those precious shiny star bits. Like most bands do you have to tour to get that cash flow, and two are hard I did. I did my best to Grandma's many missions in as I could with the maximum potential roi permission and I felt like I did a fairly good job. Either that or as I buy more fans in my earnings go up it's easier for me to earn more and acquire more fans even if I'm not being as efficient as it feels like I am. Let's take a quick look at my account stats see where they are and what else was able to add

Here are some quick stats about my account.

  • Joined 8/12/21
  • Packs Purchased: 3
  • Boxes Purchased: 10
  • Pizza Slices: 6
  • Pizza Box: 4
  • Coffee Cup: 1
  • Risky Whisky: 1
  • Cans of Petrol: 5
  • 2nd Edition Birthday Cake: 3
  • Rank: ???? Pending update 170ish?
  • Level: 152
  • Missions: 11,390
  • Mission Ego: 113,193
  • Lesson Skill: 175,883
  • Total Cards: 5,583
  • Card Fans: 181,048
  • Card Skill: 153,160
  • Cards Luck: 29,229
  • Cards IM: 3,546
  • Unique Cards: 574

Wasn't able to pull my rank this week since I decided to pull this post together during the update process. I was able to grab my unique cards because I know I only added two new cards to my database tracker which allows me to track which cards I buy and which round, so I know I added two unique cards from the prior purchase. The rest of the stats continue to amaze me as they grow. All my total cards is just over five and a half thousand, the skill and fans continue to shock me. Since focusing this year on my account I seem to really grow most of my stats.


Card Buying Binge 428,000+ StarBits


As you can see I was able to add over 6,000 fans to my account for just about $422,000 star bits. The nice thing for me is these Star bits were all earned in the past 7 to 8 days from in-game play. Well I know this is nowhere near what the top account earners are earning in any given day, it's nice to know that I feel my account is some what sustainable that it's current makeup. I am happy if I can add more than 5000 fans a week from my own earnings, and at the current rate I'm hoping to hit 10,000 by midsummer.

Lifetime Market Purchases 12.5M Starbits!!!!


Wanted to go out and just grab my lifetime market purchases. I have over 12 and 1/2 million Star bits spent an individual cards from the market. Clearly my original purchases were all around $100,000, but those purchases were not weekly. It's only been in the past 5 to 6 months that have been able to do weekly purchases of this amount. Before I would often have to go a couple of weeks to build up enough.

Either way I think it's pretty impressive that I've spent 12.5 million Star bits building my account. That just shows that if I stick with it I can continue to grow my account and hopefully start to move up the ranking ladder.

I can also change this pivot to do it by card, but I think that would really be a hard graft to read. There was a time where I spent a significant amount of Star bits on as many cheap cars as I could just to build my ranking score, even though all that money spent did very little to improve my actual band stats and earning potential. The only thing adding those cards did was help my ranking. The one thing I think I might take a look at is to see which cards are giving me most of my fans, and if I have 5 to 10 cards that end up giving me majority of my stats overall because they were the cheapest when I bought them over a period of time.

2023 Goals

  • 300,000 Fans = 181,048
    Ahead of my pace for my fan gold this year. Considering I started a year with 100,000 and before the end of the March I should have $185-190,000 gives me hope that I can far exceed my goal of $300,000 fans this year. I want it all be upset if I was able to get my fan count closer to half a million by the end of the year

  • 2,500 Skill from Drum Lessons - No Change 1601
    No change on my skill this time around but honestly I'm okay because my skill buffer continues to be somewhere around 30,000 more skill than fans. This allows me to handle a large influx of drunks and potential card buying binges that are unfavorable ratio find a deal. While I do want to get double my current skill ratio, there's no need to push it and add these as right now I'm staying ahead of the ego curve and it's more beneficial to add fans for now. I can continue to do music lessons from time to time to keep that buffer as healthy as possible

  • Ranking - On Pause

My ranking is currently on pause. I don't think I will do anything with my ranking goals until a later date. The one exception might be that I decide to turn some Hive or hbd into Star bits for the pure joy of adding 50 to 100 unique cards on a one off. I won't start focusing on my ranking until I start earning a million Starbits in a week


Major Milestones

  • Starbits Millionaire
  • Level 50 to Unlock Starbits Millionaire Mission
  • Level 55 to Unlock Local Mini Tour Support
  • Level 80 to Unlock Country Tour with Cheap Rehearsal Room
  • 5 Cans of Petrol

Thoughts and Comments

Let me know what you think I should do next, or how to improve my band better. I got PIZZA, LUV to tip if they are working.

Someday I want to be like my friend @monsterjamgold and have over a million fans. I'm quite jealous of his earning potential and what he's able to acquire each day just from gameplay, it would really allow more flexibility to add unique cards and to buy some of the packs and specials that are out there.

Maybe by the end of 2024 I can have a million fans.


I am hopeful to hit 1.1 million sometime next week and pulling up to 450k a day in SB !PIZZA

You can buy in a day, what I am buying in a week! That is pretty impressive for sure! !PIZZA


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